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Review: Bulleit Rye

I found a whiskey I like well enough to write about. I’m no expert. I didn’t swish it around my mouth and spit it into a funnel or some crazy crap like that. I simply tried different whiskies until I found the right one.

Through the years beer has always been the staple but I find the need for something that will make your beard grow a little more than usual. When I was young(er) I tried Scotch. I liked it but I didn’t really know what the hell made it good. So I lost interest. I took a swing at that Mexican lightening called Tequila. Cuervo was good and Patron was better, but that was for long party nights in my 20’s and 30’s. I still slugged one back now and then without regret but I was looking for something different. I went back to Scotch a few years ago and started learning a little bit about what I was buying. I tried all of the colored labels that I could afford. Some black. Some red and even blue once. I still was unimpressed. Then like a light shinning down from God my brain housing woke up. I needed to try good old American whiskey again.

This was what I was always looking for. Sure, I had the occasional shot or mixed it with something when I was young(er), but I never really appreciated the pure glass of sippin’ whiskey.  I have had a bottle of Jack Daniels Old No. 7 sitting on my desk for sometime. It suffices but I wanted something better. I needed guidance. Fortunately for me I have a new source for whiskey connoisseuring named Joe.

Enter 1792. Joe recommended it and it was a winner. It’s a Kentucky bourbon that I like a lot. Its good for sippin’, smooth and with good flavor. Oh but then….. Christmas! I had to make a stop into the liquor store for customer gifts. Off to the side of the ‘standard’ bourbons I found a green labeled bottle of russet delight. Bulleit Small Batch Rye Whiskey. You know its good when it says ‘frontier whiskey’ right there on the bottle. It gives a bold flavor but goes down smooth. Hands down this is the best one for me. Bulleit has found a new loyal customer.

There is a huge renaissance going on in America. For many years there have been microbreweries throughout the country. There are now more and more whiskey distilleries popping up throughout the country as well. Bulleit may fit somewhere in between but its tastes like a micro. It tastes like there has been some extra special care taken to make every bottle perfect.

Here is what you will find about Bulleit in their Rye Batch.

  • High Rye Content
  • Award Winning Quality
  • Made as a small batch, straight rye
  • Introduced to the world in 2011
  • Rich oaky aromas
  • Smooth, Vanilla, Honey, and Spice Flavors
  • Finishes crisp and clean, with long , lingering flavors
  • 90 proof (45% ABV) • 95% rye, 5% malted barley