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Podcast: Fighting In A Vehicle

Today on another rousing episode of The Arms Room Show we had our good friend Cecil on the show to talk with us about a recent class him and Glen attended. The class was VCAST with Craig Douglas of Shivworks or Vehicle Combat and Shooting Tactics. VCAST teaches students the real world application of employing firearms in the confines of your vehicle. Glen talked with us about the effects bullets have on ballistic gel and vehicle windows. Cecil talked with us about some ways to avoid getting shot with your own gun in a combatives situation. Be sure to check out Cecil’s company Immediate Action Combatives for some excellent training oppertunities. Tune in next week to hear about some of the essential items that should be included in your bug-out kit.

Podcast: What Goes Into A Bug Out Bag?

Today on The Arms Room we talked about the kinds of items that go into a good bug out bag. Glen also shared with us his views on lesbians that attend the Renaissance fair. Then we got straight into some of the essential items that should be included in your bag, such as three methods of creating fire. Lighters wont always work so its important to have alternate methods. John talked about some of the different emergency foods that are out there like the freeze dried Mountain House. Today’s show was finished off by briefly talking about some good bags and packs that are out there for bugging out. Take a look at SlumberJack packs if you are are looking for a good comfortable and affordable bag to use. Join us next show to hear about some low round count shooting exercise.

Podcast: Poor Firearms Training

On today’s show the guys discuss the dangers of poor firearms training, what good training should consist of and the concept of “I’ve taken a couple days of training, so I’m a body slayer now, right?”


Podcast: Get A Medkit and Train With It

Happy New Year Arms Room listeners and welcome to 2017. Today on The Arms Room we talked about how New Years resolutions are BS and if you really want to make a change in your life then get off your butt and go do it. Our actual topic was getting out there this year and getting some medical training and a medkit. We discussed the 5 essential items that should be included in every trauma kit. Be sure you get your medical supplies from a reputable dealer like the Tactical Medic. Be sure to join us next show to hear us talk about, “I took a class so I’m a body slayer” and what kind of training you need to truly be confident in a self defense situation.