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Lil’ Souix Starter Junior Archery Set- Review

My youngest asked me about a week ago to buy him a bow and arrow set. I’m not sure where he got the idea. While I love to shoot my bow its not something I do with any regularity. Its probably been a at least a year since I have pulled out my Bear White Tail II (Yes its vintage, and it still works!!!) and practiced in the backyard. So where the idea came from left me puzzled and happily surprised.

I helped coach my son’s T-ball team this year and as a nice gesture the team mom handed out $25.00 gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods for all the coaches at the end of the season. It was not necessary, but I’ll take it. There isn’t much you can buy for $25.00 these days but the light bulb fired up when I saw the Lil’ Souix Starter Junior Archery Set from Barnett. It came in at $21.99, which even left me with a little change on the gift card after sales tax was applied. I won some major dad points when I showed it to my youngest and he could not wait to show his older brothers. They didn’t have to wait long before we had a chance to shoot it.

Friday after school we headed to the farm. Unfortunately, it was too dark that night but first thing in the morning we broke out the set. The bow is a re-curve that comes with two arrows and even has a little peep site you can put on it. I have always hated archery sites and like to go old school. So we didn’t mount the site.

My middle son was the first one to try it out. The first shot was loosed at about 7:15 am and hit a little short of the target (a large old hay bale). I walked him through the steps and showed him how to hold the bow while mounting the arrow, extending his arm, proper stance, and looking down the shaft of the arrow at the target. The string has three rubber finger grips which provide easy handling for the youngster learning how to shoot. We spent about twenty minutes with it. I took a couple of shots as well. I pulled it back pretty far and there was no fear of breaking. The bow is solidly made. I let an arrow go at the hay bale from about fifteen yards and it went in about 12 inches deep. The next test was long range shooting. My son and I both took shots for distance. His longest was about forty five yards while mine landed about seventy five yards out. I might have been able to send it a little farther but I was reluctant to lose an arrow in the high grass.

IMG_20130525_152542_553My youngest shot with me a little later. Which was nice because when I bought them their bb guns they all wanted to go first and at the same time and you know how those moments are. No one pays attention because they are pissed they didn’t’ t get to go first. My little buckaroo is only five and I thought he might have trouble drawing the bow. His first shot was pretty weak but he quickly figured out he need to pull the string back farther for more power. By the end of his session he was on target from about fifteen feet. We did some distance shots and he was able to get them out there a good thirty yards.

My oldest surprised me the most. He still has no real interest in shooting the bb guns but he really got into shooting the bow. He is nine and loved it. He is also left handed. The Lil’ Souix has an ambidextrous hand grip and it worked great for him. He did very well and told me he ‘loves archery’. On our distance shots he was able to really get it out there. His shots ranged about sixty yards.

All in all I was very impressed with the bow and arrow set. You can’t beat the purchase at $21.99. The boys are already asking for a quiver, ‘that thingy that holds the arrows’, and more arrows to shoot. I did notice the feathers on both arrows were a little damaged by the end of the day. Not enough to worry about but it was noticeable. The bow string did hit and rub my fore arm. I asked the boys if the were feeling it but they said no.

This was well worth the money and I plan to buy two more so each of the boys have their own.



 From the Barnett Website



The Lil’ Sioux Recurve Youth Archery set now offers a soft touch grip, an ambidextrous reinforced handle and now ships in an eye catching color for the beginner.


Key Features:

  • All new soft touch grip
  • Ambidextrous reinforced handle

Package Includes:

  • 2 Target Arrow
  • Finger Rollers
  • Adjustable Sight
Available in
Camo, Black or Pink
15 Lbs Draw
Draw Length