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Podcast: Fighting In A Vehicle

Today on another rousing episode of The Arms Room Show we had our good friend Cecil on the show to talk with us about a recent class him and Glen attended. The class was VCAST with Craig Douglas of Shivworks or Vehicle Combat and Shooting Tactics. VCAST teaches students the real world application of employing firearms in the confines of your vehicle. Glen talked with us about the effects bullets have on ballistic gel and vehicle windows. Cecil talked with us about some ways to avoid getting shot with your own gun in a combatives situation. Be sure to check out Cecil’s company Immediate Action Combatives for some excellent training oppertunities. Tune in next week to hear about some of the essential items that should be included in your bug-out kit.

Podcast: Poor Firearms Training

On today’s show the guys discuss the dangers of poor firearms training, what good training should consist of and the concept of “I’ve taken a couple days of training, so I’m a body slayer now, right?”


Podcast: Carrying Weapons and Supplies in Your Vehicle

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Today on The Arms Room we rounded out 2016 by talking about the use of weapons from the vehicle and what some of the necessary supplies are that you should have in said vehicle. Some good options for carry while in a vehicle may seem taboo to some people but appendix carry and even cross draw are viable options. It is also important to keep in mind where you store your weapons if they are staying in the vehicle and what can happen to them in the event of an accident or wreck. Also keep in mind that just because you lock your car doors doesn’t mean your weapon is secured, you may want to take a look at some type of vehicle weapon safe for storage. Its been a good year for The Arms Room thank you to all our listeners and be sure to stick with us into 2017. Join us for our first show of the New Year as we talk about our New Years resolution to  get everyone a dam medical kit!