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The Site That Will Help You Plan Your Next Elk Hunt


Last month, working for SDI, I went to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Expo in Las Vegas. While the show was good it wasn’t what I expected. There were a lot companies there not involved in the hunting, fishing, outdoor, or firearms industry. It was a running joke among vendors to ask if you had tried out the magic bracelets that would take all your pain away. They were everywhere.

There were a few diamonds in the rough though and gohunt.com was one of them. I met their rep and he gave me a quick run down of the concept of their site and how it can help you plan and book your hunt.

Once you get to the homepage you can immediately jump into your search by clicking on the Outfitter Directory or the Tags and Hunts button on the navigation bar.

Once you’re on the Outfitter Directory page you can search by the outfitter’s name, by list, or location on on their interactive map. Looking in Idaho I found Sun Valley Outfitters. Once I clicked their link it took me right to a page within gohunt.com and it gives you a quick overview of the company and its contact information. Also, on the main directory page are drop down boxes for your search criteria. You can filter by state, species, and unit if you have a specific preference.

Going over to the Tags & Hunts page you are presented with a running list of offered hunts and a filter similar to the one on the directory. On the interactive map though you can pinpoint specific hunts to locations throughout the Western United States. For instance I found an Elk hunt titled CO UNIT 12 RIFLE ELK DIY (TRESPASS HUNT) once you click the link it takes you to a page dedicated to that hunt. It gives you the species, type of weapon, season window, contact info of the outfitter, plus a few paragraphs of what the you can expect from the hunt.

Gohunt.com does offer more than the opportunity to plan your trip. The website has articles and videos with how to information along with reports from the field.

The Insider membership opens up the site to even more. Once a member you can expand your filtering capabilities, calculate your draw odds for tags, read more in-depth articles, and you get complete coverage of their database which includes over 4,200 units. This coverage gives you season trends, tells you how to best access the units, weather information, camping and lodging options and more. See a sample of the Insider unit report hereThe cost of the Insider membership is $149 a year.

If you’re serious about planning a hunt in the west this is a site you need to see.