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Victory For Texas Veterans

I was listening to the radio earlier this week and heard an announcement that the Texas Hazlewood Act was saved by the U.S. Supreme Court. That caught my attention immediately. Apparently, a veteran from Georgia had relocated to Texas and wanted to use the Texas Veteran’s benefit for his education. The program was set up for veterans that are residents of Texas which will waive all tuition to state funded institutions. One requirement is that you be a Texas Resident at the time you enlist and enter service.

The lawsuit filed by Kevin Harris was favored by a lower U.S. Court in 2015 but was overturned when the state appealed. In June of 2016 the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals said “”Because Texas has presented a rational basis for its residency-at-enlistment requirement and because Texas’s decision to impose the condition on a portable benefit does not infringe (Kevin) Harris’s right to travel, we reverse the district court’s judgment”.

Harris decided to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. This week SCOTUS decided not to review the case and upheld the 5th Circuit Courts decision.

This is a huge win for Texas veterans. A win for Harris would have destroyed the program leaving Texas veterans without the program which can help further the education of the State’s veterans and families. If the program was opened to all veterans residing in Texas regardless if they were a resident at the time of enlistment tens of thousands could take advantage of the benefit and bankrupting the program.

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