Rules For A Good Society

It is said that free societies can only survive if they are moral and just. We can’t as individuals always control the justice of our society but we can control the moral compass. I’m not talking about telling someone else how to live their life. I’m mean that if we focus on ourselves and do whats right it can create a big impact. Of course this requires a large portion of the population to do the same.

So what do we do?

One of the first things that we can do is clean up our language. This is a pitfall for me because I have had a mouth like a Marine long before I was a Marine. To this day its a challenge to keep my trap shut and to watch my language. Even in front of my sons it is hard for me to direct my language to a more PG vocabulary. I have always been appreciative of people with characters that keep them from cussing when I know deep down they want to. It says a lot about someone. They don’t have to use alternative kid like language. Sometimes they just go silent. Perhaps because they know if they speak they will unleash a volley of language that would make Gunnery Sergeant Hartman proud.

So watch your mouth, especially in front of families and young children.

Next, take one day a week to reflect on everything you have and are working on. Appreciate your family, friends, and yes the material things too. Whether your cash strapped or filthy rich there is something always to be thankful for. By reflecting on the positives in your life it allows your mind to re-calibrate and prepare for the coming challenges. If you’re headed into a period in your life that will test your very being take that day to plan your attack. If it seems insurmountable break it up and create an immediate plan of action that will work towards the overall goal.

Taking one day a week to recharge the batteries is essential to a clear mind so you can contribute to a moral society.

Your family whether immediate or by circumstance should be important. Show them how much you care for them. Take the opportunity to do things for them. Even the smallest of things that may go unnoticed. Don’t look for recognition just do it. Protect them both physically and from others trying to shame them or dishonor them.

Your family gives you purpose. Regardless if they reciprocate your actions you should honor them.

The next one is quite obvious and doesn’t require much detail. Don’t kill anyone. You do have the right to protect yourself and your family and you should. Wacking someone because they make you angry creates chaos in society and an immoral culture.

Next, don’t go looking for strange. Whether you are married or in a relationship, keep it at home. Going behind your significant others back for some action will destroy lives. If you’re tired of being with the person you’re with make arrangements to move on. Tell them or try to work things out to make the relationship better. Don’t avoid the inevitable.

If its not yours don’t take it. Stealing someone else’s property shows a lack of respect for that person or organization. It says that you have no appreciation for how hard they have worked to get the property that you are taking. It also shows that you have no self control.

If its not yours don’t take it!

Tell the truth. This is one thing in our society that is almost gone. We of course see it with our politicians. With social media and technology the curtain is being pulled on the journalists. We can’t trust them. So who do we trust. We work to trust each other. If we tell the truth and people know we can be trusted there will be an undercurrent of society that can create a foundation to rebuild a moral society.

Envy is a core source of our moral decay. Go back to appreciating what you have. I’m not saying to forget the pursuit of riches. Go for it. I sure as hell am. Money, although not the only sort of wealth, can make your life more enjoyable. It allows you freedoms and access to things in life. The key is to not focus on what others have. I have friends that trip, fall, and stand back up covered in cash. It seems to be attracted to them. I have friends that somehow have time to do an amazing amount of different things. I can love and appreciate all what they have without being jealous. I only care about me and my successes. So stop worrying about others and concentrate on yourself.

Following a few simple rules in life can have a great impact on our society. It can become contagious.

Throwing down the gauntlet…….

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