Beard Products Creates A North Carolina Oil Boom



I have been growing a beard off and on for 25 years. Sometimes they last a week. Sometimes they last a couple of years. I rocked the full beard in the early 90s but it never filled out the way I wanted it to so they never lasted. I looked more like a hobo than anything else at that time. While in the Marine Corps I took every opportunity to get out of regs while on leave. The 30 day goatee was common practice for a lot of us on active duty. In the late 90s, after moving back into civilian life I went full beard again. It looked pretty good but I couldn’t figure out how to trim it. It looked terrible so I went back to the goatee.

A few years past with a clean shave but after I secured a wife I went back to the goatee. She was locked in so I didn’t have to worry about running her off…..maybe. I grew my goatee longer and longer while experimenting with different lengths and shapes. As usual out of the blue I decided to shave it off. My wife had gotten used to it and told me to grow it back. So I did. In the past few years I decided to go with a full beard and let it grow longer than ever.

HBC Oils

I bought my first “product” about 3 years ago. I bought some oil and mustache wax from a company on Amazon. It was pretty good and it lasted me for a while. The products served their purpose but I didn’t have to have them. Then while promoting Iron Mike Magazine on social media I crossed a beard products company that changed my beard life for ever. North Carolina based Huckleberry Beard Co. is my choice company for beard products. I talked with Cory about his company and his products. His passion for what his company makes is incredible. Being a veteran also got me interested in doing business with him. Compared to many other companies that just have one or two products, Huckleberry Beard Company boasts 4 oils, 2 beard conditioners, a wash, and mustache wax. All of his products are made with natural ingredients.

So, you can go to his site and read all about his products and what they do. I’m going to tell you how they worked for me. First, my beard was getting pretty unruly and I needed to get it under control. The wife wasn’t liking it too much. My beard gets curly as it gets longer especially around the cheekbones it flares out. I like my beard to be somewhat straight but not overly done. By adding the Signature Oil it allowed my beard to soften up and accept a comb with better results. After a few days of use it became easy to manage. On those days my beard really gets out of control or I just want it to hold a little better I use the beard condidtioner. HBC WashI did find out the hard way not to add the conditioner when working outside for the day. I do masonry work. I added the conditioner before work one day. By the end of the day my beard felt like one solid armored plate around my jaw and neck. The dust had collected and was sticking to the beard conditioner creating a solid mass. I don’t actually use the conditioner now as much as I did when I first started using it. I would suggest using it on “special occasions” or every few weeks. The oil is perhaps the most important part of the treatment process. As my mustache grew I started using the mustache wax and it worked much better than other products I have used in the past. The wax held for a much longer period of time and I didn’t have to use too much of it to get the results that I wanted.

By far my favorite product that Huckleberry Beard Company has is the beard wash. When you use the wash you can definitely feel that it has cleaned your beard and maintained the natural oils that your beard needs. I even use it to wash what little hair I have left on the top of my head. Regular shampoos always strip away the oils and leave it dry and crisp. Using the wash will help keep your hair in great shape.

I highly recommend this veteran owned company. They put out a great product, have great customer service, and the people behind the brand our outstanding honest people.



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