14th Hour Foundation

Benghazi veteran Kris “Tanto” Paronto has recently started a new foundation. The 14th Hour Foundation has a mission to help individuals and families that have sacrificed to protect the American Homeland. The foundation is just getting started and they need your help.

Kris has been working to bring the project to fruition for two years. After speaking on behalf of several foundations he was bothered by the fact that he didn’t know where the money was truly going once the donations were made. He believes that these organizations should fulfill their purpose and not be used as a money maker like a few prominent organizations. He wanted to be sure the money was there for those that needed it. The 14th Hour Foundation will retain 10% to cover overhead and salary costs while 90% of donations will be used to serve those in need.

He also says that the purpose of the foundation is to give people a “jump start” not to support anyone.

Kris also feels that a large part of the foundations were only covering a small nitch of the communities such as the Seal Foundation.He doesn’t feel that their model is bad its just not what he wanted for his foundation. The 14th Hour Foundation will help Law Enforcement, Firemen. EMTs, Military Veterans, Military Contractors, and their families.

Kris also says that they plan to help other foundations when there is a need. He also has a vision as the foundation grows to help people with such things as tuition and burial costs.

The Honor Grants will be the key feature of the foundation and people will be able to go to the website and apply for help.

To keep the process moving quickly the 14th Hour Foundation will be using Midlands Community Foundation as the fiscal sponsor. Kris chose them because they are local to his community and have a reputation as group of people he can trust. When you go to 14hours.org to donate you will be redirected to the MCF website.

Eventually, Kris plans to move the financial operations over to his full control.

As you may have guessed the name of the foundation came from the 13 hour battle in Benghazi in 2012. He says the 14th hour was when his team needed the most help to regroup and get back on track.

For more information, to donate, or to apply for an honor grant visit 14hours.org