Tortured Logic

A report released last week by the Senate Intelligence Committee condemns tactics employed by the CIA to gather intelligence from terrorist…


Frank Discala

On tonights episode of Center Mass we will interview Tactical 16’s latest author Frank Discala. Frank penned “Losing the war…


Talking Optics

On todays show we will be discussing the virtues of optics specifically red dots. We have several examples of red…



Reflections on Mogadishu and PTSD


We left the USS Spartanburg County on our Amtrak’s – amphibious troop carriers each holding about 13 Marines, able to drive off the back of a ship and thru the water and then drive around on shore much like a tank. We were the only platoon from our company going to the New Port facility…

Tortured Logic


A report released last week by the Senate Intelligence Committee condemns tactics employed by the CIA to gather intelligence from terrorist detainees.  I will skip most of the details here; most of you have heard them.  Waterboarding and sleep deprivation and loud music and being restrained in uncomfortable positions are all detailed in the report. The…

Austin PD’s 104 Yard Pistol Shot: Real or Not?

My Nano and me at the Graham Combat class. The pistol was accurate and ergonomic, but malfunctioned so often I stopped carrying it.

On November 28th, 2014, an active shooter shot up downtown Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, that type of incident isn’t uncommon. The active shooter was a forty-nine year old man who was apparently angry at the government. That’s not uncommon either. Fortunately, before he managed to murder anyone he was killed by Austin police Sergeant Adam Johnson. That’s…

Poor Life Lessons from Santa Monica

03-31 pedestrian crash data

As a loving and devoted father, I spend a good portion of my day consciously thinking of how I can relate my life experiences to my children in order to help them learn about and succeed in life from an early age. Although my purpose is to try and find the most positive life lessons…

My War: Kathreyn Harris


This is the first article in a series by Justin Jordan which focuses on the heroes at home. The spouses of our veterans. Kathreyn Harris is the wife of Army SSG (R), Shilo A Harris. On February 19, 2007, Harris’ armored vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED). The explosion injured the driver and ended…

Fury: Was it Everything We Hoped it Would Be?


Over a month ago, Fury was released. I watched it just after opening weekend and again last week with a French soldier I met in Afghanistan. There’s a reason I waited before writing this followup; a real review had to capture the depth of meaning I had just witnessed. Simply writing about the cinematography or…

What I Look For In A Team Member


If you are reading this on G.I. Jobs, you likely understand what it means to be on a team. More than likely you’ve seen what happens when a team succeeds, or when one fails to function at all. Perhaps you’ve even experienced leading your own team. Before I go any further, let me explain what…

And to The Republic, For Which It Stands

Lions attack an elephant.

It seems our society has misrepresented and outright forgotten some very basic principles of our history, and none is more apparent than the most basic of our founding principles: that which our entire nation was founded upon. As the greatest social experiment known to the history of man, The United States of America was created…

Outrage, Anger…Wait, Look Over There

Obama Scowl

When I was interviewed last week on the radio by my friends John and Doug I was asked a question that I cannot say that I enjoyed answering, but was a very important question (and answer) that I wish more Americans had a chance to hear. I am not the first person to be asked…

Watch Out Ferguson, Here It Comes


We’ll hear the Grand Jury’s decision on the Ferguson, Missouri shooting any day now. Police departments in the area have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare for possible riots after the decision is announced, and the Missouri National Guard has been mobilized. We (allegedly) don’t know what the Grand Jury is going to…

Are You Paying Attention?

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

As our country shifts back into another lame duck Congress after the mid-term elections, I see quite a few things surfacing and going on in the world that both make me worried about what is in store and wonder if Americans are paying attention. As I got to speak with Doug and John about on…



Recently the guys from Vetraplex sat down with Juan Kingsbury, of Talent Radio, on the Vets On Media Network. Gary Rideout and James Bruno talk about how they started their construction, handyman, and landscape business. The company has been in operation for 4 years and is growing quickly in Arizona. In fact they are growing so…

Emergency: Five Non-perishables You Need To Survive


I recently posted a question on Facebook: “What five non perishables would you want in a survival situation?” After several good and comical answers (to include lipstick and mascara), one of the respondents asked what I would take. As I pondered that, I realized there’s a lot we can learn about survival from the homeless…

A Patriot’s Pub Crawl: Tun Tavern

Tun Tavern

These days there seem to be political parties and political action groups forming and dissolving in perpetuity. I’m not sure what this really says about America today. These groups seemed to be forged on the basis of making, distributing and even taking away the livelihood of American people, and by livelihood, I mean money. They…

Video and Podcasts

Frank Discala


On tonights episode of Center Mass we will interview Tactical 16’s latest author Frank Discala. Frank penned “Losing the war in Vietnam; But winning the war to reclaim my soul“.

Talking Optics


On todays show we will be discussing the virtues of optics specifically red dots. We have several examples of red dots by different companies in the studio with us today. Also on the show we have Reed from US Optics to discuss his views on red dots.

Switching Careers


Paul Mecurio is a stand-up comic and writer who has been seen on Comedy Central, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, and even won an Emmy for his contributions to The Daily Show. He also hosts The Paul Mecurio Show, another great podcast on the Sideshow Network. But… before all of his success in the entertainment…

The Arms Room Talks To Caracal USA


If you missed today’s show, we’ve got you covered! We had Jeff Spalding from Caracal USA and Team Caracal call in to talk with us about the future of Caracal firearms in the U.S., and also about his role in the precision rifle shooting circuit with the Caracal CS308 rifle.   On next week’s show…

We Like Shooting show: Episode 67

WLS67 Thumb

This week we’ll talk FAXON Firearms, the Taurus Curve, Midwest industries, the Holosun red dot and DKX Plates! The Panel A YouTuber with a DIY attitude. – Savage1r We’re joined by Retired Navy, advocate for women’s shooting, blogger at and NRA partner –  Lil Chantilly Also with us, Former Marine and owner of Rivers…