Ignorance and Arrogance: the Charlie Hebdo Tragedy


To begin, I should state that I firmly believe if everyone in the world routinely watched the cartoon South Park, the world would be a better place. Is this because I think the world needs more sophomoric jokes and making fun of people? No, not really, but there is a very important vein to South…

It’s Almost That RoundUp Time of Year


Here in central/south Texas the planting season is right around the corner. As plants begin to grow so do the weeds. It’s a good time to begin bed preparation even though the weather is can still dip down to freezing temperatures. There is a go to product on the shelf of your local garden supply…

Important Firearms Safety Reminders


Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed some pretty chilling headlines lately when it comes to gun safety.  Here are some examples I’ve seen in the news or that I have known about personally over the last several weeks: Sheriff accidently shoots his wife while in bed. Grandma accidently shoots self in the stomach before grandchildren arrive. Two-year-old reaches…

Who’s Better for the World: Government or Corporations?


I recently heard a lecture on corporate responsibility and image, and this question immediately popped into my head. While the Left tries fervently to replace Religion with Government, they also indoctrinate their followers to believe that corporations are evil, greedy institutions with no goodwill for the world. But is that really true? And if so,…

Getting Back My ‘Fighting’ Weight

Old Time Boxer

Party time is over! Many people use this time of year to get back into shape. I am no exception. My ‘day’ job keeps me lean”er” but the winter months slow me down. I still build a few patios and do some smaller landscape projects but I spend more time in front of the computer.…

Charity Event: Run Ranger Run III

Gallant Few 1

Please support the Guardian Angels by donating to this event. Time is running out so please act quickly! Go to the donation page by clicking the image or links below! THE STORY: Mike Mildog wrote – I absolutely love this event and the opportunity it gives us to come together and support our veteran community.…

Hillary, the DNC and the Crash


Have you recently wondered why the media has been reporting everything in the economy is sunshine and flowers, that we’re out of the “Great Recession,” and that things around the country are getting better, but you can’t seem to find an actual person on the street who agrees with them? I’m a financial nerd, so…

Stuff or Time?


I used to truly believe that whoever coined the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness” was a real jerk, someone who was obviously born into great wealth and never had to toil in the coal mines like the rest of us, stressing and worrying about keeping up with the Jones’s, putting food on our kids…

A Combat Veteran Visits the Manger

Israeli Troops Continue To Gather On Border As UN Call For Truce

You almost don’t see him slip in the door. He enters the small room cautiously, but quickly. He scans the room and sees some people, one a military-aged male. Instinctively, he observes what they’re holding in their hands. He knows he can kill them if he needs to. He feels OK and takes another step…

Reflections on Mogadishu and PTSD


We left the USS Spartanburg County on our Amtrak’s – amphibious troop carriers each holding about 13 Marines, able to drive off the back of a ship and thru the water and then drive around on shore much like a tank. We were the only platoon from our company going to the New Port facility…

Tortured Logic


A report released last week by the Senate Intelligence Committee condemns tactics employed by the CIA to gather intelligence from terrorist detainees.  I will skip most of the details here; most of you have heard them.  Waterboarding and sleep deprivation and loud music and being restrained in uncomfortable positions are all detailed in the report. The…

Austin PD’s 104 Yard Pistol Shot: Real or Not?

My Nano and me at the Graham Combat class. The pistol was accurate and ergonomic, but malfunctioned so often I stopped carrying it.

On November 28th, 2014, an active shooter shot up downtown Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, that type of incident isn’t uncommon. The active shooter was a forty-nine year old man who was apparently angry at the government. That’s not uncommon either. Fortunately, before he managed to murder anyone he was killed by Austin police Sergeant Adam Johnson. That’s…

Poor Life Lessons from Santa Monica

03-31 pedestrian crash data

As a loving and devoted father, I spend a good portion of my day consciously thinking of how I can relate my life experiences to my children in order to help them learn about and succeed in life from an early age. Although my purpose is to try and find the most positive life lessons…

My War: Kathreyn Harris


This is the first article in a series by Justin Jordan which focuses on the heroes at home. The spouses of our veterans. Kathreyn Harris is the wife of Army SSG (R), Shilo A Harris. On February 19, 2007, Harris’ armored vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED). The explosion injured the driver and ended…

Video and Podcasts

The First Show of the Year


Todays show will be our Year End Review! Glen and John will be discussing some of their favorite moments from 2014 as well as some of the key points we discussed this past year. There will also be a segment about the historical relationship between New Years resolutions and tread mills.

Concerned Veterans For America


Today’s guest is Matt Kenney, from Concerned Veterans for America, came on the show to talk with us about the mission of CVA, how to do your homework on a non-profit organization, and how to get more involved in securing liberty here at home!

God vs. Atheism


Belief in God, according to atheists, is irrational, illogical, and dumb. Belief that the universe created itself is, they say, intelligent, rational, and based in science. This is simply false. Nothing can create itself. Everything has a cause — including the universe. That cause, argues Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, is God,…

Frank Discala


On tonights episode of Center Mass we will interview Tactical 16’s latest author Frank Discala. Frank penned “Losing the war in Vietnam; But winning the war to reclaim my soul“.

Talking Optics


On todays show we will be discussing the virtues of optics specifically red dots. We have several examples of red dots by different companies in the studio with us today. Also on the show we have Reed from US Optics to discuss his views on red dots.