AR500 Armor Range!

You DO NOT want to miss today’s show! We’ll be on location at the AR500 Armor shop, shooting some Level…



Top-Paying Tech Degrees for Veterans


While many industries have suffered during our economic hard times with high unemployment rates and questionable job security, the technology fields have weathered the storm better than most. We’re going to take a look at some tech degrees that are in high demand and paying top dollar. One thing that you’ll notice in this list is…

Your Resume: What a Potential Employer Sees

Review Resume

Over the years, I’ve looked at plenty of resumes while in management or supervisory positions. Some of them were humorous, filled with misspelled words, obnoxious fonts, unorganized information, even ridiculous accomplishments (high score in a video game – really?). Some of them were plain, and thus passed over, with boring descriptions of educational and work…

Russia, Dr. Strangelove and Deterrence Theory


  I’ve written about game theory on my blog before in the context of North Korea, but with the reports last week of a Russian TU-95 aircraft being intercepted in UK airspace carrying a nuclear payload, I think it may be a good idea to rehash the idea of deterrence theory to help explain what…

My Review of American Sniper

American Sniper Poster

It is impossible to review American Sniper without addressing the two controversies surrounding it. First, Chris Kyle has been criticized for calling Iraqis “savages” and expressing joy at killing them (he actually referred to the enemy, not all Iraqis, as savages). Michael Moore famously commented about snipers being cowards who shoot people in the back;…

5 Whiskeys Every Man Should Know

whiskey on ice

If perception is reality and reality truth then one thing is for certain. There are five whiskeys you truly need to experience in life. In no particular order here are the five must have’s in a mans life. Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Distilled in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky this bourbon is a ballance of four bourbons. Gold…

The Power of A Cigar

Rocky Patel Cigar

The taste was extravagant, the odor; pungent. The feeling was as relaxing as the first shower after a long week in the field. The exact feeling I needed from my first cigar. I was deployed overseas in Ramadi, Iraq from the beginning of 2008 to 2009. I was barely 19 years old, freshly married (like…

Saved from “Tyrants”, by Open Carry Douchebags

Kory Watkins, head of Open Carry Tarrant County. Associated Press photo

Back in the 80’s I was a big fan of the comic strip Bloom County. In one of the comic’s subplots the main character Opus the penguin, on a quest to find his mother, finally tracks her down at a Mary Kay Makeup animal testing facility. Just as he’s about to rescue her, the “Mary…

Ignorance and Arrogance: the Charlie Hebdo Tragedy


To begin, I should state that I firmly believe if everyone in the world routinely watched the cartoon South Park, the world would be a better place. Is this because I think the world needs more sophomoric jokes and making fun of people? No, not really, but there is a very important vein to South…

It’s Almost That RoundUp Time of Year


Here in central/south Texas the planting season is right around the corner. As plants begin to grow so do the weeds. It’s a good time to begin bed preparation even though the weather is can still dip down to freezing temperatures. There is a go to product on the shelf of your local garden supply…

Important Firearms Safety Reminders


Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed some pretty chilling headlines lately when it comes to gun safety.  Here are some examples I’ve seen in the news or that I have known about personally over the last several weeks: Sheriff accidently shoots his wife while in bed. Grandma accidently shoots self in the stomach before grandchildren arrive. Two-year-old reaches…

Who’s Better for the World: Government or Corporations?


I recently heard a lecture on corporate responsibility and image, and this question immediately popped into my head. While the Left tries fervently to replace Religion with Government, they also indoctrinate their followers to believe that corporations are evil, greedy institutions with no goodwill for the world. But is that really true? And if so,…

Getting Back My ‘Fighting’ Weight

Old Time Boxer

Party time is over! Many people use this time of year to get back into shape. I am no exception. My ‘day’ job keeps me lean”er” but the winter months slow me down. I still build a few patios and do some smaller landscape projects but I spend more time in front of the computer.…

Charity Event: Run Ranger Run III

Gallant Few 1

Please support the Guardian Angels by donating to this event. Time is running out so please act quickly! Go to the donation page by clicking the image or links below! THE STORY: Mike Mildog wrote – I absolutely love this event and the opportunity it gives us to come together and support our veteran community.…

Hillary, the DNC and the Crash


Have you recently wondered why the media has been reporting everything in the economy is sunshine and flowers, that we’re out of the “Great Recession,” and that things around the country are getting better, but you can’t seem to find an actual person on the street who agrees with them? I’m a financial nerd, so…

Video and Podcasts

Master Spy: Colonel James Kelsey

US Combat Unit In Vietnam

This week on the Veterans Heritage Hour we have former Green Beret and 2 tours in Vietnam veteran Col. James Kelsey. Veterans Heritage Project U.S. Army Special Forces: Rangers and Green Berets Vietnam Veterans of America.

AR500 Armor Range!


You DO NOT want to miss today’s show! We’ll be on location at the AR500 Armor shop, shooting some Level III+ steel armor with various rounds, including some .308WIN black tip!

That’s Not In California


The We Like Shooting show is a hilarious panel discussion about safety, guns, gear and gadgets and the issues that affect responsible shooters everywhere. Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 80 – Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 80 – This week we’ll talk about the redneck obliterator, walther ppx, big…

Chasing The Boom


From the dot-com boom to the housing boom… Andy Wood was there for the good times and the bubbles bursting. Hosted by Caleb Bacon. Part of the Sideshow Network.

Live a Prepared Lifestyle


Streamed live on Feb 16, 2015 Today on The Arms Room, we’ll be talking with a guest, retired Lt. Col. Matt Shozda, about how to live a prepared lifestyle that helps us avoid and divert trouble – no guns allowed!

Cecil Burch Is Back

Cecil Burch

  Today Cecil Burch from IACC will be joining us to discuss the need for resistance in training. Be sure to tune in to hear all the latest news from Glen, John and the rest of the The Arms Room crew.