Are You Paying Attention?

As our country shifts back into another lame duck Congress after the mid-term elections, I see quite a few things…



Watch Out Ferguson, Here It Comes


We’ll hear the Grand Jury’s decision on the Ferguson, Missouri shooting any day now. Police departments in the area have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare for possible riots after the decision is announced, and the Missouri National Guard has been mobilized. We (allegedly) don’t know what the Grand Jury is going to…

Are You Paying Attention?

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As our country shifts back into another lame duck Congress after the mid-term elections, I see quite a few things surfacing and going on in the world that both make me worried about what is in store and wonder if Americans are paying attention. As I got to speak with Doug and John about on…



Recently the guys from Vetraplex sat down with Juan Kingsbury, of Talent Radio, on the Vets On Media Network. Gary Rideout and James Bruno talk about how they started their construction, handyman, and landscape business. The company has been in operation for 4 years and is growing quickly in Arizona. In fact they are growing so…

Emergency: Five Non-perishables You Need To Survive


I recently posted a question on Facebook: “What five non perishables would you want in a survival situation?” After several good and comical answers (to include lipstick and mascara), one of the respondents asked what I would take. As I pondered that, I realized there’s a lot we can learn about survival from the homeless…

A Patriot’s Pub Crawl: Tun Tavern

Tun Tavern

These days there seem to be political parties and political action groups forming and dissolving in perpetuity. I’m not sure what this really says about America today. These groups seemed to be forged on the basis of making, distributing and even taking away the livelihood of American people, and by livelihood, I mean money. They…

Women in the Infantry? Yes.

'Mary' the Danish Warrior

This was published originally on Breach Bang Clear. Not surprisingly, many readers launched into vitriolic diatribes against the idea, without bothering to read the article. On the other hand, quite a few infantrymen agreed with me. I’ll take that as a win. Over the last several years we’ve had much debate on the topic of…

2014 Voting Poll

Election booth

Its a voting year and election day is November 4th. The tide has turned against the administration and even big media is throwing in the towel in support of the President. Atleast until the elections are over. So the question is, where will your votes be going on election day 2014?

Insanity Defined

A file picture taken on May 20, 1998 sho

Define insanity…..Making the same action over and over again and expecting to see a different result. I have worked through my shock at the current administrations redundant failures and am now sitting here blank faced, staring at a nation of people who either are too lazy or too ignorant to understand the epic failures that…

Knights of the Air…or…Land


As per the usual, I was woken up all too early by our editor-in-chief, Bryan Dolch. He sent me a text message at some ungodly hour but for him, it was okay since he had already dug two six-foot by two-foot ditches. What can I say? He’s a working man. The text said, ”I have…

The Importance of Dope


When I head to the shooting range for some practice or out into the field for a hunt, I always make sure I bring my dope. No, I’m not talking about the much debated green leafy plant; I’m talking about D.O.P.E., or ‘Data on Previous Engagements’. There are a few other versions of the acronym…

Freedom of Religion?


It’s become such a common outcry from the left that it’s downright comical: everyone should have the freedom to say or do whatever they want……unless, of course, we don’t agree with it. Houston Mayor demands pastors turn over sermons When a church tries to put its backing behind any form of political candidate, the left…

Executive Action On the Immediate Horizon

Immigration Protest

The Obama Administration if trying to put the final nail in the coffin. If this carried out there will be an overwhelming flood of immigrants from all over the globe into the United States. See the report from NBC about the Executive Action planned for the near future. León Rodríguez, the new head of Citizenship…

War Crimes, Hard Choices and Harder Consequences: Part VI


Staff Sergeant Eric Lauzier heard the gunfire at the Alamo. Sudden and heavy, multiple weapons opening up on full auto at once. And Private First Class Tucker screaming on the radio that they were being overrun. Lauzier was at a patrol base maybe 1300 meters away when it happened. He and several other soldiers scrambled…

The TCB Total Carry System


If you carry a gun everyday it won’t be long before someone asks you, or you ask yourself, how can this be done more comfortably? Like most things in firearms culture, it is a constant balance. Speed vs. Accuracy Concealibility vs. Accessibility Comforting vs. Comfortable Retention vs. Access I have had many conversations (and seen…

Video and Podcasts

We Like Shooting show: Episode 67

WLS67 Thumb

This week we’ll talk FAXON Firearms, the Taurus Curve, Midwest industries, the Holosun red dot and DKX Plates! The Panel A YouTuber with a DIY attitude. – Savage1r We’re joined by Retired Navy, advocate for women’s shooting, blogger at and NRA partner –  Lil Chantilly Also with us, Former Marine and owner of Rivers…


armsroom slider

On today’s show we will be discussing deep cover concealment as it relates to firearms. Not all locations are permissive environments for firearms and sometimes you just don’t want people knowing you’ve got one. Today we will discuss methods of keeping your weapons hidden until you need them.

Man School Episode 35


Very special episode of Man School where Adam Carolla shares some of his Advice for Life. In this class we talk about: How Adam conquered hurdles as a kid. Outsmarting your ego. Learning to listen to your gut. Harnessing fear to guide you. The problem with putting labels on yourself. Shying away from things you’re…

AR500 Steel Targets from Precision 3D Targets – P3DT


Most of the AR500 steel targets that we use in our training classes comes from Precision 3D Targets (P3DT) out of Flagstaff, AZ. The model shown in this video is the ‘Independence Training Model’ and is very sturdy yet breaks down easily for transport, and also has 3 different levels of adjustment for the angle…

Center Mass: Episode 33

Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

On tonights episode of Center Mass we’ll talk Hillary, Float tanks, current events and a little bit of our lives. We will also be guested by two new people on the show. Tonight at 10:30pm EST/7:30 PST.

Center Mass: Old Friends

Center Mass Banner 1600x660

In this episode of the best show on earth. We will talk about old friends and how having good friends is and isn’t always a good thing. We will also talk about whatever comes to mind. Maybe isolation tanks, maybe beer, maybe economics. Who knows?